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Why We Are Hooked on Saab Cars?

Why Saab Cars are Beloved by Car Enthusiasts: Exploring Saab's Exceptional Handling, Driver Ergonomics, and Safety Features

Experience the Thrill of Driving a Saab Convertible: Discover the Unique Features and Benefits of Saab's Iconic Open-Top Cars

One of the main reasons we love Saab cars is their uniqueness. Saab cars were always designed with a focus on safety, comfort, and performance, and most of us believe that this has resulted in a car that is unlike any other. We all praises Saab cars for their distinctive design, advanced engineering, and innovative technology.

Another reason why we love Saab cars is their durability. All of us Saab car owners are mostly aware that Saab cars are built to last and that they are incredibly reliable. Despite everything, and this fact, Saab cars tend to hold their value well, which is a confirmation of their quality.

Saab cars may not be as popular as they once were, but they still hold a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world. From their distinctive design to their advanced engineering and innovative technology, there are many reasons why people love Saab cars. In this article, we will explore some of the main reasons why car enthusiasts are still hooked on Saab cars.

Unique Design

One of the main reasons why people love Saab cars is their unique design. Saab cars have always stood out in the market thanks to their distinctive styling and aerodynamic shape. The Saab 900, for example, featured a wraparound windshield and a sloping hood that made it instantly recognizable. The Saab 9-3, on the other hand, was designed with a sporty, modern look that appealed to a new generation of car buyers.

Saab "Night panel" feature
Saab “Night panel” feature

Saab cars were also known for their innovative features, such as their Night Panel dashboard that allowed drivers to turn off all the gauges except for the speedometer. This feature reduced distraction and allowed drivers to focus on the road ahead. Saab cars were also among the first to offer heated seats and headlight washers, which are now common features on many cars.

Advanced Engineering

Another reason why people love Saab cars is their advanced engineering. Saab cars were always designed with a focus on safety, comfort, and performance, and this resulted in a car that was ahead of its time.

saab turbocharging
The turbine wheel and compressor impeller of the Saab turbochargerare small and lightweright, So the turbocharger begins to boost the intake air pressure at very low engine speeds. After the air has been compressed in the turbocharger, it is cooled by about 100F in the intercooler, which reduces the termal stresses on the engine.

Saab cars were among the first to use turbocharging technology, which allowed them to achieve impressive power while still being fuel-efficient. Saab cars were also known for their excellent handling and precise steering, which made them a joy to drive.

Saab cars were also built to last. The company’s engineers put a lot of effort into designing cars that were durable and reliable, and this has resulted in Saab cars that are still on the road today. Saab cars are also known for their strong resale value, which is a testament to their quality.

Solid and Steady Driving Feel

Indeed, Saab cars are known for their exceptional handling, which offers a solid and steady driving feel. Saab’s design philosophy focused on creating cars that were not only fast but also controllable, providing drivers with excellent feedback and allowing them to be in full control of the car. Saab’s approach to handling provides a level of comfort and confidence that is not often found in other cars.

Saab’s focus on driver ergonomics is also worth mentioning. Saab engineers designed the car’s cockpit with the driver in mind, ensuring that all controls and gauges were easily accessible and within reach. This design philosophy is apparent in the Saab’s seating position, which provides excellent visibility and makes the driver feel as though they are in command of the road.

Saab’s handling is not just about performance; it’s also about safety. Saab cars were designed with a focus on safety, and their excellent handling contributes significantly to their overall safety. Saab’s handling allows drivers to avoid accidents and maintain control of the car in challenging driving conditions. Whether it’s tight corners or bad weather, Saab drivers can rely on their cars’ exceptional handling to keep them safe.

Part of the Saab Club Uruguay team gathers last week
Part of the Saab Club Uruguay team gathers last week

Passionate Community

Finally, one of the main reasons why people love Saab cars is the community of enthusiasts that has formed around the brand. Saab fans are a passionate and dedicated group, and they love nothing more than talking about their favorite cars.

Saab fans appreciate the unique driving experience that Saab cars offer and love nothing more than sharing their passion with others. Saab enthusiasts often attend Saab events, join Saab clubs, and participate in online forums to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Being part of the Saab community also means having access to a wealth of knowledge (about Saab cars). There are many Saab clubs and online forums where enthusiasts can connect with each other and share their experiences with their cars. Saab cars are beloved by car enthusiasts for many reasons, including their exceptional handling, driver ergonomics, and focus on safety.

And finally, we cannot avoid asking our readers, Why do they love and appreciate Saab cars?


  • When some nut is sitting on your rear bumper, they don’t often know that it was a Saab in front until,
    I dissapears over the horizon leaving them still wondering!

  • I was cured by the grace of Volvo. My saab drove a bit better but broke in the stupidest ways. Still respect their style, deplore their engineering.

  • I’m always having people stopping and talking about mine or they’ve had one at some point. Seen afew more about lately aswell, nice to see people keeping them on the road.

  • Trick is to only buy the Older Generation SAAB vehicles pre-2002. Aeros ride firmer, but go harder.

  • I always wanted a Saab and so did my wife but everyone we look at had almost 200,000 miles and not treated very well. I knew Saabs were sweet awesome cars that ran forever if taken care of.This was back in the 90’s. I worked on quite a few and I liked them! One thing with Saabs pics is they don’t do them justice! When we drove to pic up the Saab up as soon as we pulled in and seen it we were in love! Every car show that I go too is what is this beautiful car and is it almost new? When I tell them they look and say wow it’s a turbo charged car with a 6 – speed manual? I have never seen one!😮😮😮. It’s hard to believe this car will celibate 20 years soon!
    I hope Maybe! just maybe! my girls will have this car to love and enjoy like I have but I see them on here get crashed alot. But with that said I see the owners walk away with minor injuries and that my friends is why I’m hooked on Saab’s👍🙂

  • My dad brought me to the Circuit of Ireland Rally when I was 7-8yrs old and the leading car was a SAAB 96 from that day I wanted a SAAB. In 1997 I got my first SAAB and I’ve been driving SAABs every since. They are brilliant cars.

  • Have a 2002 9.3 hatchback with 230,000 miles. Paint peeling on hood and top, rust spot, buy runs great and I am having a paint job and rust fixed because I LOVE MY SAAB. Love the way it drives and I think it is the cutest car ever. Had couple of accidents and walked away because of this car. Also, GREAT IN SNOW!

  • I learned to drive and took my test in a 1969 Saab 96 which my Dad bought in 1973. He was a SAAB enthusiast from then on and drove them until he was 100. I now have his last one which is a lovely 9-3 convertible which drives like it’s new! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to part with it …

  • Let’s see, I got hooked in 80, when I got my 1st 900. I put 489,000 miles on her with NO issues (out side of my clutch cable breaking loose through the firewall and 3 turbos)..

  • Drove Saabs for decades. Had multiple SPGs, 9-3s, 9-5s and a 9000. Had to stop driving them because parts were so hard to find. My first was a brand new 1987 Edwardian Gray SPG, my last was a 1991 Black SPG I sold in 2018. Would still have an SPG if I could have found parts.

    • Have had many saabs since my 1958 93 was slammed back 163 feet by a 56 Chevy 4 door driven by a drunk. I walked to the ambulance and left the hospital 10 hours later. The drunk was in for several weeks. I now have a 2004 9-3 and a 2002 9-3 convertible. To me, the 9000cd was the best ride. Went from maine to Alaska and back in 16 days without being seat weary.

  • Terry Page
    I have owned Saabs for over 30 years and still do, a 1995 9000 aero in uk and a 2001 95 V6 in Spain, they have their faults like all cars, but never had any big issues in all those years with 8 cars, a Saab nut? Maybe.

  • I have a 2008 9-5 with 228k miles on the clock. NO intention of getting rid of it despite having a Jag XF too. For anyone in Europe struggling with parts, I would recommend Neo Brothers in Northamptonshire, UK. One of the biggest Saab scrapyard going and supply just about everything for any model. Used them loads of times. Prices are good and parts guaranteed.

  • I got hooked on a much cheaper Subaru with funny badges on it. I regret not getting a nice 900S hatch or SPG back when they were reasonably priced, but I just don’t have a use case for one.

  • I see two SAABS, one, the SAAB-Scania cars made by the aircraft company 93-95-99-900 and 9000, and two, the cars made after that (GM and later). The later models (GM) began to lose the magic and thus died of mediocrity. The final GM cars were essentially Saturns

  • My forth Saab and told my Mechanic to
    take good care of my car, want to be buried in my Saab, 😂😂that’s how much I love my car.

  • I still miss mine after 13 years. I picked up my 1990 900 turbo 3-door hatchback in Goteborg, drove it around Scandinavia and northern Germany for a few weeks. They shipped it back to the states and I drove it for 9 years, Whether it was on the Autobahn or Georgia backroads, it handled like a dream and never lacked for power. My 900 turbo gave it’s life for me on the downtown highway in notorious Atlanta traffic. My next SAAB was a 1999 9-5, a big comfortable sedan that lasted 10 years.
    After driving a SAAB, or two, or more, what other make/model does this group recommend that comes close to the SAAB experience? Anything electric yet?

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