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Why People Love Saab Cars?

Saab 900 Turbo SPG

Thanks to the video channel of Scotty Kilmer (he is known cars Youtuber, he has nearly 2 million subscribers) we have the opportunity to meet great fan in Saab cars and hear his Saab story. In the last Scotty video we have the opportunity to meet Kelly R. Conaty.

He is a great fan of Saab cars and a great connoisseur of the Saab cars, the owner of 6 Saabs. He is a Pediatric Anesthesiologist, but at the same time he is a very good Saab mechanic in his free time.

In this video, he took the opportunity to present his Saab 900 Turbo SPG:

In this video you can hear more about Saab car history, Saab restorations and and get the answer to the question: “Why People Love Saab Cars“.

We also recommend subscribing to a Kelly video channel where you can watch great video clips in which Kelly like to talk about tips and hacks and projects that any DIY’r can accomplish. His favorite subject is Saab cars but a lot of his tips are applicable to any car.