Whose Saab Was Found in Croatia?

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Abandoned SAAB found more than three years ago. Who is the owner and why did he leave the car? If the owner does not respond within 3 months, the car will be sold.

Who owns the vehicle found more than three years ago has not been revealed to date. No one was looking for him nor did the police come up with any useful information about the find.

About an unusual case, they announced that on June 4, 2018, an abandoned SAAB car was found in Subotica Podravska (Croatia), with the prominent registration number GU414LK (A).

The owner of the found Saab car in Subotica Podravska is Wanted

To date, the owner of the found vehicle has not been determined, according to the Koprivnica-Križevci Police Department, and they are publicly inviting the owner to report to the Koprivnica Police Station with proof of ownership within three months.

If the owner does not report within the set deadline, the vehicle will be based on Art. 189 para. 4 of the Criminal Procedure Code to be sold, and the obtained funds to be entered in the state budget.

One can only speculate about the ownership. Either someone imported this car to Croatia, so he did not intend to register it for local traffic, or the car was stolen somewhere in Europe and the owner there did not contact the police. So, look at your parking lot if you are missing a Saab, make sure it is not really yours or the car is ruined by someone close to you.

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  • My car was stolen. saab 93 turbo x 2008 .
    This car was sent for diagnostic at Halford auto Centre.
    West bromwich .
    Halford in form me a note was left on the windscreen. To leave keys in the car for collection. They did as requested and car was removed from there site .I was not informed about this until. I called Halford auto see if car was ready. They informed me about Note.
    I was so distressed /stressed /angered about information.
    I never informed police .
    I have never been paid for the car .
    Registered 2008 saab 93 turbo x. Registration number was K58 NSB .
    Black .
    Thank you

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