Who killed Saab Automobile?

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An obitury of an automotive icon…

This report, by Dr Matthias Holweg of Cambridge Judge Business School and proffesor Nick Oliverof the University of Edinburgh Business School, examines the 62-year history of Saab Automobile from its creation in the 1940s to its bankruptcy on 19 December 2011. Study tries to answer the questions: who is responsible for this fate of a big company.

Saab Production Volumes, 2000 - 2011
Saab Production Volumes, 2000 – 2011

Study is very detailed, with lots of background data and the recommendation is to read, for all true fans of Saab brand.

Saab's Finanacial Performance 2000 - 2010
Saab’s Finanacial Performance 2000 – 2010

They set out in this report to investigate who is – partially or fully – responsible for the death of Saab Automobile. Although it was Saab’s unions who (very reluctantly) started bankruptcy proceedings, and Guy Lofalk who applied to end the restructuring three months later, neither they nor any other creditors carry any significant responsibility.

Despite his unorthodox approach to business and his final petition for bankruptcy, neither, they argue, is Victor Muller!… Must Read


  • This really does make me feel so sad. I have 2 VW TDIs now and an 07 9-3 Convertible. The VWs are wonderful cars. I had a 9-3 Combi which had its flaws but there was something about that car I really miss. Saab wagons are marvelous things, as was the 900 and the 99.

    Life is tough but the car business is even tougher. So I wonder what will become of Alfa Romeo. There’s such magic in the name and especially in the older cars.

  • Thanks for the great tip! However, I found that viewer link to be awkward. They have a downloadable pdf here:

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