Where To Buy a “New” Saab?

Saab 9-5 ng

Of course, it is impossible to buy a new Saab because it has not been produced for over ten years, but a well-preserved car that looks and drives like new can be found – but it takes time to search and of course money.

Just such a reaction was provoked by our text on the number of registered Saab cars in Sweden, which we recently published. Saab enthusiast from California Cam Aujuard confirmed that it is not a problem for a true enthusiast to find a great Saab car that is in excellent condition. This is exactly one of the reasons why the number of registered cars in Sweden is decreasing, because these Saab cars that are in good condition are exported outside their home country. A number of readers do not understand the text well, so they thought that it was about exporting new Saab cars, which of course is not possible. In that text, it is well emphasized that these are used Saab cars, it is these cars that find owners outside their native Sweden.

And here is the reaction that Cam sent us:


Yeah, i just purchased another 2011 Saab 9-5 fully loaded and in excellent condition last week april18th…with 65,000 miles on it!

This is my second Saab 9-5. I love this car. I could only imagine if Saab was still around today and what they would look like…and drive like!!. Needless-to-say, it’s beautiful, fun to drive and the best car i’ve ever purchased and have driven.

My other one, another 2011 Saab 9-5, i purchased back in 2018 in San Francisco from a doctor who never drove the car. I have now 171,000 miles it and it’s going strong like new. Oil changes, transmission fluid, and radiator coolent changes is all it needs. New break pads now and then and a beauty wash and wax/polish to wrap things up….pressto…a new Saab!!

People are “always” asking me, where did you buy your new Saab, and i tell then, oh, you mean my 2011 „New“ Saab, and they’re car struck thinking Saab is back in business in America here. People offer to buy my car, nope, people want to test drive it, nope. I love this car thank you Saab for being you….and only you, there’s simply no other!!
“scandia aeroplan artebolag”

Cam Aujuard……Sacramento, California, USA

Mr. Cam explained how to get a “new” Saab – you need to find a well-preserved Saab and then invest some money in rebuilding some parts.

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