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Wheeler Dealers: 1973 Saab 96

Saab 96

A busted clutch, rusted metalwork and a lawnmower like engine… Ant Anstead has his work cut out and Mike Brewer is on the hunt for parts.

Mike and Ant try to arouse the passion of the Saab enthusiast community by restoring a rusty, non-driving 1973 Saab 96 to its past glory. Will their restoration pass muster with one of the car world’s most passionate fan bases?

By the end of last year, a Discovery UK TV channel was broadcasting an episode about restoration of this 1973 Saab 96. Now, Discovery channel has released this episode on their Youtube channel and you can view complete episode it below:

This episode of Wheeler Dealer was filmed at this year’s SAAB Owners’ Convention in August 2017. The Wheeler Dealer crew brought this yellow 96 they restored to see how it held up under the scrutiny of real SAABers.

If you are like we and get excited to see ANY SAAB, even for a second on the screen, this will be an entire episode of SAAB.

Really , great episode and restore, amazing rust metal fab and windshield fit… guys are talented.

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