What is NEVS Industrial Services (NIS)?

NEVS industrial services

Meet Fredrik Ahlström, Vice President NEVS Industrial services, and learn more about NIS. His Favorite quote is: “Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness”. To present the NEVS company  and its potential  in Industrial Services domain he gave a mini interview.

What is NEVS Industrial Services (NIS)?
– It’s NEVS sales organization for external services, such as test and validation in our laboratories, contract manufacturing of completes vehicles, component manufacturing (press, painting and welding), design and development work for OEM’s, logistics solutions and storage, rent out of facilities and office space. In one sentence: NIS is offering external customers all NEVS capabilities!

What kind of companies can use NEVS test facilities and manufacturing services, except for car companies? 
– Our customers could come from all industries and services companies. NEVS has a strong history from our Saab heritage. We own all facilities and equipment in Trollhättan. Today we have more than 140 external customers from all kind of industries, but we can manage many more!

In one word, NIS is offering external customers all NEVS capabilities. Learn more: Check out our website