We have lost two Saab owners

Saab 900 Crash in DanmarkSaab 900 Crash in Danmark

We all like to belive that our Saab´s are rock solid cars – and in most cases they are Unfortunately, we have lost a married couple of Saab owners, age 85 and 89, in a tragic accident in Denmark, yesterday.

The well maintained Saab 900 tried its best, but a high-speed van in the side was too much this time.


The 24-year driver of the van will likely be charged, according to witnesses, for recklessly driving, a series of high-speed takeovers just before a red light, red light driving and finally for hitting the Saab 900 that was left turning in the traffic light.

The driver of the van has been jailed and charged for manslaughter etc.

Please drive safely everyone!

Thanks to, Mr. Niels-Søren Bøgh who shared this information with Saab Community.


  • Very sad. From the looks of things, it wouldn’t have mattered what they were driving. There is only so much energy that can be dissipated from a crash, and only so much force the human body can withstand, especially at a certain age.

  • Luke has the right of it. I doubt even a Tesla, the safest car in human history, could have saved that couple. Rest well, dear saabers. God speed, fair gryphon, you did your best.

    As for the idiot, anyone who can mangle a C900 like that can’t have been driving sanely or intelligently, let alone adhering to driving regulations.

  • Very sad indeed. Hope the driver of the van goes to prison for a very long time.

    Rest in Peace

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