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Watch This SAAB 96 Sport from 1964 Hill Climb Car Sing

Saab 96 Sport

This magnificent creation is the property of Anders Jensen. He regularly competes with his SAAB 96 Sport 1964, in several different competitions, from rally to the circuit racing.

This is 2017 Trento-Bondone Hill Climb in a 794kg heavy, 85hp 2-stroke 850cc engined SAAB Sport from 1964.

The Trento-Bondone Hill Climb is a hillclimbing competition starting in Trento and finishing on the Monte Bondone, organised by the Scuderia Trentina of the Automobile Club d’Italia. In the opinion of many auto-runners this route makes the Pikes Peak hill climb look like childs play.

The Trento – Bondone race is a competition that prides itself on its long history. The opening edition took place on July 5th, 1925, but back then, as the local newspapers report, it was mostly a “timed field trip for cars and motorcycles”.

After two Saturday practice runs this is it, The Sunday Race. Start is at 275m and it climbs to 1650m at the finish. Thankfully, Anders Jensen has been kind enough to put a camera in his 1964 Saab Sport (which is set up for 1,000cc-and-under historic racing) and put the resultant videos on Youtube for all to see and give us an idea of what it’s like to give one a serious Saab workout:

God what a beautiful sound!