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Warsaw 1967 Saab 96 V4 Rally

SAAB 96 V4 RALLY 1967SAAB 96 V4 RALLY 1967

For those who are not familiar with the history of 96 models, here is some information, and then we will present you a great Saab in the “Rally” variant that is sold, and looking for a new owner.

The Saab 96 was born in 1960 as a development of the design of the 93 model. Initially, like its predecessor, it received a two-stroke engine and a narrow grille, which meant that not everyone could distinguish it from its predecessor. More serious changes came in 1964 with the use of a wide grille, but the real revolution came for the 1967 model year when a new engine was chosen.

The Saab 96 V4 was powered by a V-shaped, four-stroke, four-cylinder gasoline engine with a capacity of 1498 cm³ and an output of 65 HP, known from the Ford Taunus 15M model. Previously, such power was achieved by rally variants, now it was only the starting point. While Erik Carlsson won a number of rally titles in the 1960s, the next decade belonged to Stig Blomqvist. The victories in the Rally Sweden in 1971, 1972, 1973 and the RAC Rally in 1971 are the successes of the Saab factory driver on the 96 V4. Undoubtedly, it was these successes that inspired the owner of this Saab 96, which is sold in Warsaw.

Saab 96 Rally - Ready for new rallies
Saab 96 Rally – Ready for new rallies

The Saab 96 V4 is built with the model’s rich rally history in mind, and has full rally equipment on board, including a roll cage, extinguishing system and ignition cut-off. Its engine generates an impressive 140 HP, which is more than twice as much as the production car.

Such performance is made possible by traditional tuning methods, with increased engine capacity, forged pistons, larger carburetors or improved intake and exhaust systems. The effect is a diametrical difference in performance, although the visual side is also not neglected. New paint, halogen lights, rally rims – everything looks great here and is made according to the specifications of the era. Certainly, it is an exceptional sports car from the old days.

Saab interior with roll cage
Saab interior with roll cage

The current owner spent as much as four years to bring the car to this condition, and his goal was to look like the winner of the Monte Carlo Rally. The car underwent a very deep modification in line with the rally specification of the era. The engine currently with a capacity of 1850 cm, forged pistons, sports cranks, a very unique sports intake (cross flow), Weber 45 carburettors, head porting made, Cooling and oil system modification, the entire exhaust system, Sports clutch, New electrical installation, Unique sports halogen lamps, and much more.

Very unique RAC rims that were only made for two years for rally Saabs by special order, Battery moved to trunk, and there are also Roll cage, Sparco seats, 4 point Sparco seat belts, then Fire extinguishing system and central current switch. The car has undergone sheet metal renovation and has added structural reinforcements.

Saab V4 tuned engine
Saab V4 tuned engine

The car was painted 4 years ago. Owner bought the car about 6 years ago from Kańczuga,  A place that is iconic for owners of classic Saabs. Currently, this Saab, despite its uncompromising attitude and readiness for racing, the owner drives even in normal traffic. There are only a dozen such cars in the world in this specification. The seller also wants to add that all the workshops that worked on this car had the highest level of knowledge and experience in the implementation of such a project. If you have more questions, write to the seller or call him at this number:

Telephone: +48 609 317 017
City: Warsaw, Poland

Saab 96 Rally

Saab 96 V4 Rally

Vintage: 1967
Mileage: 1000 km
Capacity: 1500 cm³
Fuel type: gasoline
Manual gearbox
Power: 140 hp

Price: PLN 78,000 (€17,000)