Vision of Saab 9-5 Coupe and 9-2 Coupe

Unfortunately, These are just a vision of a designer Zz! from Budapest, Hungary. Visions that will be difficult to achieve, at least for now, as things stand for now. These are some of his vision of some future Saab cars… Yes, it is a Photoshop, but excellent…

Saab 92 coupé

Saab 9-5 Coupe

Saab 9-5 5-door Coupe


  • The proximal end of the design version of the model SAAB 92 operates in a very retro style:
    What mean these holes on the back side of the side that was once
    Last glass also features galleries showcase as 9-3 with back door
    Only the last illuminated they had weight.
    That’s the reason I’m writing because I had all models of Saab from 1978 to 2004od sedan to convertible up to the strongest version

  • Not a fan of the 9-2 but the 9-5 looks brilliant, and appears to have the same functionality at the rear as my OG9-3 coupe.

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