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Video: This Spooky Saab Dealership is Frozen in Time

So far, we have noticed a large number of abandoned and forgotten Saab dealerships around the world on this blog (let’s just remember the Doha Saab dealer), and they have mostly disappeared so far, except for the one in France, about which we have already written. We didn’t have enough details then about this abandoned dealership, which is actually frozen in time, but now, thanks to French video bloggers, we can peek into this “time capsule”.

It looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie, but no, it’s currently somewhere in France. A video recently uploaded to YouTube gives us a glimpse inside a ghostly Saab dealership completely frozen in time.

The scene is really amazing – with dozens of Saab cars in the showroom and in the workshop, panels, advertisements and the offices perfectly placed… As if one day a nuclear catastrophe had occurred and everyone had rushed out of there without looking back.

The video was shot by a group of French video bloggers, experts on Urbex or “urban research”. Gabriel and Corentin are two young researchers aged 22 and 23, who are passionate about history and videos. On their channel, including the latest video on abandoned Saab dealerships, you can find a large number of videos dedicated to exploring unusual, historical and incredible abandoned places.

abandoned Saab dealership, somewhere in Franc
Abandoned Saab dealership, somewhere in Franc

The two boys enter, yes, through a door that is open (or so they say). And they come across this ghostly scene in which everything is in its place, although covered in dust, and there are even lights on after so many years. Most Saab cars are locked, but some do open when trying the handle.

And this Saab dealership suffered a bad fate like other SAAB car companies around the world that shut down one after the other after bankruptcy of Saab Automobiles. Although there are still technical services and spare parts supplies from Saab, around that time all of its dealerships either switched to other brands or closed.

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  • Absolutely heartbreaking. This brings back the joy and fascination I have had for Saab for decades but also reminds me of the horrible injustice that was served to this storied brand by so many entities.

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