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Video Report: Saab Owner’s Convention 2017

Saab SOC 2017

Yet another summer and another Centralized gathering of Saab Enthusiasts (SOC 2017) and their Saabs from all around the US region took place in Los Angeles (Pomona), California (in August 17-20 ).

What a big Saab Community, which is not a miracle, because most Saab cars have been sold in the United States. Not so much Cars like theSaab Festivalin Trollhättan oder the IntSaab in Germany but glad to see that there are some other Enthusiast in the USA.

SOC is hosted by the Saab Club of North America, Inc, a non-profit corporation. And, this is their 35th annual Saab Owners’ Convention, but only the second one ever to come to California, and the first since 1996.

Thanks  to the guy behind the Youtube car channel, we can enjoy a video report from this event in two video parts.


  • Quite the turnout!
    It was a pleasure attending my first Owner Convention – looking forward to future ones.
    Thanks to all who made it possible, and to our National Club officers who came out to the west coast and arranged the Gathering of the Swedes!

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