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Upgrading Saab 96 to a Two Barrel Carb

Saab 96

Aging Wheels is very good automotive Youtube channel, and creator of this chaneel creates excellent “Entertaining Vehicular Conten”. It’s a relatively new channel, authoring skills are improving with each video, including the more ‘abstract’ ones.

Two years ago, he bought it a fairly nice and running 1969 Saab 96 in Hussar Blue to replace my really not nice and not running at all 1969 Saab 96 in Hussar Blue coated in nasty Baby Blue with a little dirt mixed in.

In his new video, author  continue the two barrel conversion process on hisSaab, and this time He actually touch the carburetor – actually,
he explains the process of Upgrading Saab 96 to a Two Barrel Carb (divided into two parts):

Also, he need help from you to fund his projects, props, his unusual car fleet, and of course his time.

His biggest expense of all is time. Your help may enable him to allot more of it towards these videos instead of other silly things like ‘his job’. Precisely, because of all of the above, he needs your help and he created a special Patreon project.