Unveiling the Future: EV Electra’s Pivotal Press Conference on the Emily GT Project

EV Electra's Critical Reveal: Emily GT's Fate and CEO's Clash with Media Unfold

Emily GT prototype gleams as the future of EV Electra's electric ambitions, set to be crafted in the heart of Trollhättan.

A Protracted Prelude to Production

The saga surrounding the Emily GT concept, developed in Trollhättan and now under the auspices of EV Electra, continues to generate intrigue and skepticism in equal measure. Despite bold promises from EV Electra’s CEO, Jihad Mohammad, actual progress toward production remains nebulous. The automotive community and investors are eagerly awaiting concrete developments, yet as the scheduled press conference on May 15th approaches, substantial details are scarce.

Tensions with the Media

Jihad Mohammad’s relationship with the media has grown increasingly strained. Scandinavian journalists, in particular, have been vocal in their demands for more transparency and concrete details about the Emily GT project. Mohammad’s response has been dismissive at best, with recent remarks branding critical journalists as “idiots” who will “retreat to their holes” after the upcoming press conference. This adversarial stance has only fueled more speculation and skepticism among the press and public alike.

Jihad Mohammad behind the wheel of one of the Emily GT prototypes at the Trollhattan test track this weekend.
Jihad Mohammad behind the wheel of one of the Emily GT prototypes at the Trollhattan test track this weekend.

The Press Conference: A Promise of Clarity?

Set for May 15th, the press conference is poised to be a crucial moment for EV Electra. Mohammad has hinted at significant announcements, potentially including new acquisitions and definitive plans for the production of vehicles based on the Emily GT concept. However, the exclusivity of the event—limited only to media outlets perceived as favorable—raises questions about the transparency of the forthcoming revelations.

The Emily GT Concept’s Journey

The Emily GT, initially a beacon of hope for the revival of Saab’s engineering prowess, has evolved under EV Electra’s stewardship. Known for its innovative design, including a sedan with 480 horsepower and a proposed 653 horsepower version, the concept promised a new lineage of electric vehicles, including a sedan, station wagon, coupé, convertible, and an SUV. As the concept tours in Spain, its features and the potential for a diverse model lineup continue to attract attention.

NEVS Emily GT: A glimpse into the future of Saab's electric revival, as negotiations unfold for this iconic legacy in the world of electric mobility.

Critics and Supporters

The reception of EV Electra’s handling of the Emily GT project is polarized. While some enthusiasts remain hopeful about the resurrection of Saab’s innovative spirit in these new electric models, critics lament the lack of progress and transparency. The upcoming press conference is seen as a make-or-break moment that could either vindicate Mohammad and EV Electra or deepen the industry’s reservations about their capacity to deliver on their promises.

Looking Ahead

As EV Electra gears up for its May 15th press conference, the automotive world watches with bated breath. Will Jihad Mohammad provide the needed assurances and details to appease skeptics and excite proponents? Or will the event leave more questions than answers, casting further doubt on the future of the Emily GT project? This press conference not only holds the key to EV Electra’s future but could also significantly influence the landscape of electric vehicle production and innovation.

The Emily GT prototype, a beacon of EV Electra's innovation, poised in Trollhättan's historic Saab factory.

In crafting this narrative, EV Electra and Jihad Mohammad stand at a crossroads. The outcome of this press conference will undoubtedly shape the perceptions and future direction of a company aiming to redefine electric mobility with a storied brand’s legacy at its core.


  • It may well be that “critics lament the lack of progress and transparency.” For me, I’m struggling to understand how the suggested timescales can work. I look at INEOS. They put a lot of money into developing the Grenadier. They employed the expertise of some of the best companies in the world in their field. They got lucky with a ready-built, modern car factory. It still took them several years (including thorough testing). So, talk of EV Electra / Emily GT production in a few months seems somewhat optimistic?

  • I’m a big fan of Evs , but I still think it should just be an option to have one not mandatory White. We just can’t have Ev cars alongside our regular gasoline cars ? People will buy these cars if they want to as they become more desirable when you force it down your throat no one wants it.

  • I hope they improved the turning angle. I purchased one of the first 93 Sports beautiful car but hard turning.

  • It was a mistake selling to Jihad, unfortunately the car will never be built. He is just using it to gain attention

  • Good to see that more and more people lose faith in EV Electra and the obvious scammer mr Mohammad turned out to be.
    I hope the people in Trollhattan will not give up and take this beautiful carline to the market.

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