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Unique Saab 99 Limousine up for Sale

Saab 99 Limo

The Classic Saab 99 is one of Saab’s most iconic cars and one that appreciated in value as it went up in age. Willem Bierema from the Netherlands, one of the two enthusiasts behind the project Saab 99 Limo, contacted us with interesting news for all fans of classic Saab cars.

Dirk Koppen and Willem Bierema selling their Saab 99 Limosine. As they are two enthusiastic Saab lovers their collection has grown to fast so they decided to pass a few pieces through to other Saab fans, among them this rare Saab.

Unique Saab 99 Limo
Unique Saab 99 Limo

This Saab 99 limosine was build in Sweden and showed up at various occasions. It was very well engineered and constructed.  This is documented on this website: .

It drives like a normal Saab 99 which is a compliment to the constructors who spend 1500 labor hours (as what was told to them). Paintwork and interior is very well done; when one loves pink and a grey/blue interior this is the car! And for sure this car makes an entrance everywhere since everyone will notice the car due to the size (almost 6 meters) and colour.

Saab 99 Limousine Interior
Saab 99 Limousine Interior

Car has an EMS engine with automatic gearbox and powersteering. Together with customised airflow panels, a triple A soundsystem in the trunk, tinted windows and a electric windshield between driver and passengers it can go with several occasions; weddings, funerals, premieres, etc etc

Saab 99 L

If you are interested in purchasing this car, head over to this page, and price is € 8.750.


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