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Unique Saab 9-5NG SportCombi is now for sale

Saab 9-5ng sportcombi for sale

The stunning laser-red Saab 9-5NG SportCombi 2.0 TTiD is now for sale in the Czech Republic.

Given that there are only 27 9-5NG SportCombis left in the world, the opportunity to buy one is extremely rare by definition. The SAAB 9-5NG SportCombi is probably one of the most beautiful cars ever made. To remind you, It’s a 2012 model, a pre-production car. Saab only made a handful of the SportCombis before they folded due to lack of financing.

9-5 NG Sportcombi

Having said that, two other SCs changed owners in the last year and given the turbo-fast-speed that these transactions closed, any serious buyers for this true unicorn may want to act fast.  Asking price is €53,000 ex VAT / €64,130 inc VAT.

Some of the fans of Saab commented on the car and its price: “To be honest, it’s ridiculous. Only a Saab fan with a whole lot of money would pay this. It will never be a collectible car outside of Saab enthusiasts, and I hardly doubt he’ll manage to sell it here.” – and another adds- “But 60k EUR is a bit much isn’t it? The 9-5NG Estate is gorgeous and rare but it’s not quite the same as a fully restored 99 Turbo or 900 SPG in my book.”

This Unique laser red 9-5NG Sportcombi is one of 33 ever bulit (6 has been destroyed in various tests). This Saab model with most expectations among the Saab customers and fans, unfortunately this model never had the opportunity and chance to prove itself.

Saab 9-5ng sportcombi for sale

Saab 9-5ng NR. 19: YS3GN5MK6C9000019. KVD:554347.

Sold in auction 2012-12-16. 268 500 KR.
Location: Czech republic

For more information you can contact Suchomel Auto at [email protected].


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