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Unfinished project: Saab 9-3 2.3L t5 turbo – 373 hp

Saab 9-3 Turbo for Sale

Here’s an interesting ad that was published on the most famous AustralianClassified advertising site Gumtree (something like Craigslist in USA). It’s about the heavy tuned 1999 Saab 9-3 OG model,  so this is now a 2.3L t5 turbo dyno tested to 373 hp (280kw).

The owner Stuart, Hi is looking at to sell his unfinished project. This car has been modifed is a bit of an under statment, it started out life as a stock standard Saab 9-3s t5 base model, he has owned this car for about 6 years and since then invested over 20k into the car with the intention of making it the fastset Saab on the street.

Saab 2.3 engine

Stuart is a mechanic by trade and have done all the work by himself but it has gotten to the stage that he has not got the money or the time to keep on investing in this car. The basis of the car makes the 2.3L engine (stroked 2.3L crank and rods from a 9000 saab) paired with Garret GT30-71r ball bearing turbo.

Saab for Sale

According to the owner and project author, there is a lot of effort in the car, but there is still a lot to do on the car:

the car needs a respray, was originaly a blue car and still has some blue pannels and door jams cosmetical the car still needs a lot of work, interior is tired and needs matching door trims,(aero ones are hard to come by) also has a cracked windscreen

the worst thing thats wrong with it at the moment is that its down on compression on cylinder one and has a lot of blow by, i suspect it has a broken piston ring or cracked piston. the car still runs fine but under boost pressure it pushes oil out the dipstick. the biggest mistake i made when assembeling this engine was not replacing the standard pistons for forged ones. it is not a hard job to replace the problem piston out for a standard one again again its that i dont have the money to pull it down again and swap them out for forged ones. i have little motorvation and time to spend on this car now and i hope someone has the same passion for it that i did and could finish what i started.

If you live in Australia, this could be an interesting tuning project. Price is $7,000 and You can negotiate about the price.