Two new NEVS concept vehicles will be unveiled at CES Asia

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As we unofficially announced this week, the NEVS company will in early June (7 June) at CES Asia reveal two new concept vehicles!

NEVS will present two concept cars at the CES Asia, which will open its doors in Shanghai on June 7th. This was communicated by NEVS CEO Mattias Bergman via Sverigesradio P4 Väst. Also, it is assumed that one of the two vehicles will be SUVelectric SUV, while others will be a classic sedan EV.

The first electric car will be launched next summer and we will show the concept of what it will look like,” says Matthew Bergman, president of the P4 West.

NEVS at CES Asia 2017
NEVS at CES Asia 2017

As a prelude to this event, the NEVS company has launched a promotional  video campaign with a series of videos, and the announcement of the president of the company Kai Johan Jiang,  who said ”We will take it further and create a complete solution”. Are you curious about what Kai Johan Jiang, founder of NEVS means by that? To shape mobility for a more sustainable future, one of the main issues we need to address is the problem of congested cities.

In NEVS, they are convinced that great mobility experiences and better solutions go hand-in-hand. I want my children to breath clean air”, says NEVS Swedish-Chinese founder and Chairman Kai Johan Jiang. NEVS was founded with the determination to make a positive change for those around us, and for the next generations to come. 

Do cars still provide the freedom they were intended to?,” asks Hans-Martin Duringhof, Vice President Product Strategy and Planning. Besides the trouble with pollution, many cities in the world suffer from heavy traffic congestion, making the car, and car ownership, inconvenient. NEVS believe that you should be able to access a car, without necessarily owning it. With a flexible solution that suits your individual needs, you won’t have to make compromises with your freedom or your time.

NEVS went back to the drawing board to redefine the way we look at mobility. By challenging conventional ways of thinking, feeling and using transportation, new opportunities awaits. The result? Stay tuned as they reveal NEVS new concept of future sustainable mobility CES Asia in June!