By Summer 2018 the First Cars to Be Sold Under the Name NEVS 9-3

Saab-Nevs 9-3 EV elbilSaab-Nevs 9-3 EV elbil

In Swedish financial newspaper Dagens industri last week you can read two articles about how NEVSis addressing the future of mobility; both by creating digital mobility solutions as well as developing 100 percent electric vehicles.

The collaboration with Turkey is one of the step they take on their journey towards shaping mobility for a more sustainable future.


In first article “Plan to start a NEVS company”  states that Nevs now has nearly 700 employees in Trollhättan and 230 consultants. And that’s not all, the company will hire another 30 new experts, most engineers in the electronics and software. Last year, the personnel of NEVS costs of SEK 260 million. With nearly doubled the number of employees can be assumed, it is estimated that labor costs double to  half a billion swedish crowns (~56 million dollars).

CEO Mattias Bergman said the following: “Today we are entirely funded by the owners, but we will increase debt and borrow money in China as we move into a more intensive investment phase,” as reported by Dagens industri.

Once complete the construction of a factory in Tianjin (China) next year, will start production of the first electric car.It is based on the Saab 9-3, a model which dates from 2002, and will be sold in China under the name Nevs 9-3. Mattias also adds: “It is necessary to support the factory in China, including the chassis. And when we have the next generation of cars will be manufactured here for the European market.

NEVS winter test 9-3 EV

NEVS aiming for 2020 for its next generation of cars based on the new technology

In Second article from DI named “The development of the car for Turkey” reporters interviewed Frank Smit employee in the NEVS company on matters of testing vehiclesI’d be lying if I say that everything is going according to plan.It never does.But there is nothing strange. We can only compete with” says Frank for DI.

Right now about 140 Nevs empoyes works on project of Turkey’s national car. They work with about forty people from Tübitak which is Turkey’s Scientific and Technical Research Council.

By summer 2018 Mattias Bergman believes that the first cars to be sold under the name Nevs 9-3 delivered.