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Saab 9-3 Turbo X

Thorsten Lill is Vice President at Lam Research and lives in San Francisco. He grew up in East Germany and there he had his first encounter with Saab cars. After that, his career led him around the world, and wherever he was, he was always followed by Saab.

On his last visit to the Saab Heritage Car Museum USA led by Tom Donney, He is for the video channel of the museum, told his experiences with Saab cars. During his lifetime, he had several Saab cars, but Saab 9-3 Turbo X had the biggest impression on him:

And now that there are no new Saab cars, he thinks Turbo X is special in every sense. It’s now a cheap but exclusive car that only very few people drive it. Many people have an same opinion about this Saab – Turbo X is the best Saab ever built. Problem is – It’s Very rare to find one. Especially for around that price range. It’s a special car so it’ll probs be more expensive. Sadly they don’t make them anymore. Unfortunately, since they are no longer in production it means as decades go on, finding good examples will be harder and harder eventually… possibly even making them a much desired affordable collector.

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