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Tuned Saab 96 V4 for Sale

Saab 96 for Sale

This is an abandoned project of restoration 1974 Saab 96 V4  on Ebay. After the first restoration Saab  stood 7 years unused, body is in good condition but sills need to be replaced, this will also need a full mechanical check over as owner has not tried to start it, but engine turns freely; has wrong seats in which look very out of place but seller have the full original interior that is in excellent condition which comes with the car also chrome bumpers and lots of spare parts.

The Car really looks interesting, the current price on the Ebay is £2,250 and the auction remained 5 days.

Saab for sale

saab for sale

 Saab 96 parts

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  • Man that turned out nice. I’d love to take some time and do the same, but I’m sure I would get hung up on some problem, and not be able to finish it.

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