Tomorrow premiere of electric Saab 9-3 at local event in Trollhattan

Saab 9-3 EV production

Sveriges Radio reports NEVS is planning to show their electric Saab 9-3 in Trollhattan tomorrow. It will take place at a local roller-skating event.

Electric Saabs have been made before and the NEVS EV Saab will look the same as the 9-3 with an internal combustion engine. Picture below is from the Saab 9-3 Epower from Saab Automobile.


From SR translated through Google:

It has been shrouded in mystery, but tomorrow will be the premiere of Nevs first electric Saab. The car shown for the first time in central Trollhättan.

In the midst of the burning economic crisis now presents Nevs an electric Saab. The car shown in public for the first time in the big roller-skating event Alliansloppet in Trollhättan. The model is the first electric car for Nevs, which aims to become a leading electric vehicle manufacturer.

The car is similar to the current 9-3: an and it is the same body, but have been built on the chassis so that the batteries can fit in there.

The first electric car that will be unveiled tomorrow can drive approximately 20 mil on one charge. The plan is for it to be a bit longer when the car since the begin. however. For it to be able to reality requires Nevs replenish the dwindling coffers.

Liabilities are about 50 million, the production of gasoline-powered Saab cars in Trollhättan is stopped and the situation is serious.

Negotiations with companies that can go into that new money going on, but are not clear. It’s about two Asian vehicle manufacturers, reportedly Mahindra Indian and Chinese Dongfeng.

Source: Sveriges radio P4/Saabworld