Today’s pictures from the SAAB factory!

As we have already written here, in Nevs-Saab Factory has no production of new cars, but tests continue, and Saab parts production goes smoothly.

Today’s image and video, published on official Saab Instagram account,  shows production of Saab Spare parts.

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Spare parts going through the paint process. #saab #cars #paintshop #spareparts

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  • Hi there my name is Brian I have been driving Saab this last 40 years a total in 12 care to me thay our best car in world and well made and beautiful to drive when you you look under neath body it just tell for. It self made to last it not like any other car in few years starting to rust I was very sad to here thay closed. Down that was a sign thay where to well made What a beautiful car to me there will nothing to take it place Ps please come back I have always had a Saab sitting at my front door Brian belfast

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