Today is the Day of the Car (in Sweden) – October 28

Today, October 28, it is the Official Day of the Car and free movement. The Swedish motor industry’s National Association has its own website for just the day of the car ( Those behind this project it believe that the car makes life freer, richer and easier. Thanks to the car, mobility can increase, which is a prerequisite for economic development, democracy and higher quality of life.

Whether you love to drive a car, use it to get your kids to school or go shopping, or go on holiday in, all of us can all appreciate the freedom that comes with the car. This is especially true for Sweden and countries geographically similar to it. In a sparsely populated, elongated country like Sweden, the car is an important part of their mobile infrastructure and culture too.

The car is an important symbol of freedom in general but facilitates the everyday life of most people in particular. In earlier times, Transportation was time-consuming and longer journeys were almost impossible. Today the situation is different. Nowadays we can take the car and visit relatives and friends, drive to and from work or visit a shopping center far away from home.

Saab in Trollhattan

Not everyone lives near the subway or the tram, for a vibrant countryside and a living Sweden they need the car. In the countryside where the buses run at lower frequencies, the car is crucial. The car is also a symbol of adult life and responsibility. In Sweden, the same year you become a legal person you also have permission to take a driving license. A receipt that you are ripe for greater responsibility and become part of society. The car is constantly evolving, from the first car driven by a steam engine but which crashed right after takeoff, when no one thought of brakes needed, to today’s high-tech electric cars. Since the car era began, we have come a long way.

Development continues, each year new, better, more environmentally friendly cars and vehicles are created. All of us welcome this development and will continue to work for this to continue.

The car has been and is a natural part of many families’ everyday lives. So congratulations to 5.5 million motorists in Sweden on the day of the car.

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