To Tint Windows or Sunshade? – Installing original sunshades in the SAAB 9-5NG

UV Privacy Car Shades Set for Saab 9-5 NG

Tinted car windows have been around for many years. Many drivers prefer tinted windows because they have several important advantages compared to windows without any protection. But, besides darkening the window with foils and coatings, there is a simpler solution – sunshades.

If you don’t have the budget or the opportunity to tint your windows, your next option is to get sunshades for your side windows. There are basically two main types of sunshades for your side window. The first is the stick-on shades that are made from mesh and cling film. These can be easily applied to your car window and removed rather quickly as well. Then there are the full-cover shades that can be fitted over the entire frame of your car window.

It is interesting that besides the custom solutions of other companies, there is an original Saab solution – Sun Shade Privacy Kit, Rear Doors and Back Window (+$200 at eSaabparts). However, as far as the original solution is concerned, as with all Saab cars parts, this is a fairly expensive option and costs as much as a professional tinting with a foil. Of course, in many online stores you can find a large number of “non-original” tailored solutions – one such solution from the British company “Car Shades”. They have solutions for almost all Saab models and more than half are cheaper than those of the original ones.

However, Markus Olsson from SaabCars Youtune channel opted for the original solution and decided to share this experience with the Saab community:

As with the sunglass holder it seems like not many people know that these Sunshades for the NG9-5 exists. As you can see, the solution is simple, easy to install and easy to remove, has its advantages and disadvantages (as well as everything else), but it is somewhat expensive.