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“Thunder – Björn Envall, Godfather of the Saab 900”

Bjorn Envall, Saab DesignerBjorn Envall, Saab Designer

Björn Envall (1942) was head of the design department at Saab, and we wrote many times about his work for Saab Automobile. He took over Sason’s (another great Saab designer) work at Saab, in 1969 and he held this position until 1992.

During this time, he worked on many Saab projects, Among his designs are the Saab EV-1, Saab 98, the Saab 99 Combi Coupé, the Saab 900 and the Saab 900 convertible….

Because of all this, the Dutch cameraman and producer Godfried de Vries, made a whole documentary about Björn Envall called “Thunder, Björn Envall, Godfather of the Saab 900“. He made an interesting documentary with a few colleagues, cameramen Georges van Wensveen and journalist Leo Alexander Schlangen.

Saab 9000 Type 4 design team
Saab 9000 Type 4 design team

The three of them traveled to Sweden, visiting Bjorn with whom they made an interview, about SAAB 900 turbo project. The 25-minute documentary gives the viewer a personal and unique look at the creation of a special car. But also documentary gives an impression of the work of a famous SAAB designer, including sketchbooks, a remarkable figure for a bonnet and bizarre casualties during the making process.

"Thunder - Björn Envall, Godfather of the Saab 900"
‘Thunder, Björn Envall, Godfather van de Saab 900’

“Thunder, Björn Envall, Godfather of the Saab 900” is informative and entertaining for all SAABs enthusiasts, Lovers of cars and design.

Below is a trailer for this documentary, and go to for more information, and to order the DVD.

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