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This Saab 9-5 NG Is Allegedly The Last Saab Ever – Well, its not the last Saab

Saab 9-5 NG

The Saab 9-5 NG from 2011 is one of the latest models launched under the auspices of the famous Swedish brand before bankrupt, and one seller from Sweden claims to possess the latest made of this car. Namely, the Swedish website for Classified ads Blocket published an interesting ad in which the owner announces the sale of his Saab 9-5NG –  allegedly, last in the series?!

Interesting, This news has also been transmitted by several big car blogs like Jalopnik and Carscoops, which additionally raised the hype (yet, unnecessary). However, very quickly, the Saab enthusiasts and owners of Saab 9-5NG recognized the mistake.

The current owner of this car and the car dealer advertises as the latest in the series – “the last car Saab ever built” at the brand’s Trollhattan production facility in Sweden. Priced at 225,000 Swedish Krona ($24,110), it’s not even very expensive: “Now you have the chance to buy the very last Saab 9-5, it is made by the bankruptcy administrator.

But… There has been a couple of threads about this car on the Saab facebook pagesand groups. The ad says its a fully equipped car, and one of the last ones, finished by the auction house. Actually though, its an okay equipped MY11 registered in 2010.

According to the Saab vehicle expert and also the owner of one of these cars Henrik Zaar last numbers of VIN give you car number in the year and 8122 is the absolutely highest VIN, his 2011 car it is 8122 (but regular production ended at 8114) for model year 2010 it is 3133, and for the 2012 model it is 0054, and the 2012.25 was 0010!

Saab 9-5 Aero TTiD

Also Henrik adds: “The car mentioned in the article is built in September 2010 and it is absolutely not one of the latest cars. And it was not even finished by the bankruptcy estate holders either and it is not fully equipped.

Obviously this is a poorly “adapted” ad text, accidentally or intentionally, but the ad has attracted attention, which was ultimately the intent of the advertiser – it is in the interest of any advertiser (anything) that his advertisement attracts as many audiences as possible. But sometimes, this approach can be counterproductive

Certainly, the car is very interesting, and we hope that the car will find a future satisfied Saab owner.

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  • That’s nonsense.

    My wife and I have NG9-5 2.0TTiD which is registered 4/2011. The production date is somewhere between March-April 2011 while (as far as I know) the production of NG9-5s was stopped 5/2011.

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