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The wonderful Saab 96 Monte Carlo 850 (replica)

Saab 96 Monte Carlo

The wonderful SAAB 96 Monte Carlo 850 (replica) for sale now.

1967 car of Tadeusz Kwiatek (founder of SAAB GT-Classic club, together with Eugeniusz Wilk) came from North of Sweden (never saw any salt!). She was renovated in Kanczuga in 2010 and only occasionally driven since then (2500 km since restored).

The Garage is owned by  Eugeniusz Wilk – Over one hundred classic SAABs, starting from early 92s and 93s, through especially beloved by him two-stroke 96s with their limited versions Granturismo, Sport and Monte Carlo, until late 96s V4 and two-stroke Sonetts as well were perfectly restored in his garage in Kanczuga.  Many of them were awarded during elegance contests on SAAB Festival and intSAAB meetings.

Saab 96

Painwork in beautiful Husar Blue color. Monte Carlo style: sport dashboard, MC-like front seats (with integrated head restrains), sport wooden steering wheel, MC outsdide body trim (MC emblems, double body strips), opening rear windows. Very strong tuned tripple carburetor 2T engine of the last ’67 version runs great and gives a lot of power and tourque.
4 speed gearbox.
Front disc brakes.
2 inch exhaust.
Very rare RAC sport rims.

Great fun to drive:

One can hardly find better longnose stroker than this one. Unfortunately the price is not known, so you will need to contact the owner about the price. To contact seller please call +48 609 226 370

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