The Swedish Saab Club is taking over SaabsUnited

Svenska Saabklubben is taking over SaabsUnited

Svenska Saabklubben is the swedish car club for all who loves Saab, and they are the largest Saab car club in Sweden, with more than 3 000 members and Alsowith many international members.

Today an agreement has been made between Svenska Saabklubben (the Swedish Saab Club) and the owner of SaabsUnited, Till Drescher, where Saabklubben will be taking over the management of SaabsUnited.

The primary objective is to make sure the website is properly maintained, so that the content and history of SaabsUnited isn’t lost. Saabklubben intends to keep SaabsUnited as it is, with the crowdsourced community (where visitors contribute with posts).

The goal of Saabklubben is to facilitate those who are interested in Saab cars and help them get more out of their interest. We do this by providing information, member exlusive spare parts, favorable insurances, meetings and a discussion board. We also have an interesting and informative members magazine, Bakrutan, that we issue 4 times/year.


  • Greeting, I was told you have the die to imprint the Saab logo on the back seat it Monte Carlos/Gt cars. If so, what do you charge, and where do I send my material? I’m restoring a 66 Monte in Oregon USA.
    Thank you

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