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The Success of the Classic Saab Racer

Saab 96

We’ve already written on this blog about the great Saab classic racer Bruce Turk, who owns the beautiful Saab 96 racing car. He is still the same persistent, and he does not give up on Saab cars and racing.

After 12 years of Rally-X he finally came in first in class with his screaming two-stroke Saab. On Saturday 10, December he competed in the Wolf Chase Rally Cross in Ludlow Vermont.

Their were 75 competitors, 14 of which were in his class, MF (Modified Front). Normally Bruce finish mid-pack but the conditions were perfect for a low HP car to beat up on the newer, much faster cars. The ground was a bit frozen early on but quickly loosened up into a thin layer of greasy mud.

Bruce Turk Saab 96

The more powerful cars couldn’t put the power down, they just spun their tires. Turk was running ancient 155 x 15 Fulda studded snows– perfect for carving into the surface.

On top of the correct tire choice, the car ran perfectly. He’d like to think his driving helped a bit too. Here are the results, look for MF in the left column. Photo credit Morris Levy.