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The strongest Saab 9-5 Wagon in the World (530hp)

Nordic Tuning Dalarna

Is this the strongest Saab 9-5 wagon in the world with 530hp? Ao far we’ve featured a number of really powerful Saab machines on this blog, but less often they were wagons, and this Saab 9-5 Wagon (at least for now) seems to be the strongest in the world (and also among the fastest). Of course, like most of the above, this car is refined in Rolf Uhr‘s famous “Nordic Tuning Dalarna” tuner garage.

Exactly four years ago, car owner Tobias Rush embarked on “Nordic tuning” to further boost power and improve performance. At that moment, his Saab 9-5 2.0t Nordic Biopower Extreme crossed the 400 hp limit, or more precisely, its power was 415hp-600nm (374hhp-540hnm).

In the following video you can see the measurement after the new turbo Garret GTBB28RS is installed, at 1.7bar boost, on E85 and Siemens 875cc injector, and also B204E Pistons:

In 2016, Tobias’ car was refinished,engine rebuilt and remapped. The setup was as follows: GTXR2876BB turbo, 875cc, AEM320 pump, X-manifold, decat, etc. This setap gave ~ 490hp-680nm (443hp-615nm on hub) 1.9bar, E85. All this allowed this fast caravan to accelerate from 100 km/h to 159 km/h in just 3.1 seconds!

These days, Tobias has again approached the team from Nordic Tuning, requesting further acceleration, and this time they skipped the magic limit of 500hp. Tobias is back for more modifications and power – and that’s exactly what he got, and more than expected. Nordic Tuning Dalarna team rebuilt fuel system for external Nuke fpr and some extra squeezing out of the GTX2971R Turbo, and now, car pushing ~530hp 630nm trq on E85. And here’s a brief specification of the latest modifications and enhancements:

• oem B204t pistons for T7
• oem B2*4t T5 camshafts
• GTX2971R Turbo
• 4-puck sinter disc
• DW400 pump
• Quaife diff
• Ported head
• Fully flow 3″ exhaust + decat
• Bosch 1300cc injectors
• Alu-intercooler
• Nuke btr
• DO88 Bigkit
• regular NGK BCPR7ES plugs
• Stock B204 rods(they handle much power. Been running 900nm trq on stock T5 rods)

The Stronges Saab 9-5 Wagon in the world

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