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The Stripper Saab: SAAB Drag Race Fun

Saab 900 turbo

People say drag racing is too expensive, but Roadkill team says you can race anything and have a ton of fun. If you enter this race you better have a cheap car and a sense of humor. With that in mind, they’re looking forward to the  $3,000 Hooptie Challenge at Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags.

These are the drag races that are held under the motto: The bad, the worse, and the ugliest. This time on 3kHC we’re running Franksteins down the dragstrip. Frankensteins are basically garbage cars that didn’t really fit into any other 3K Hooptie racing category, but that still deserve a day in the sun for freak factor, sins against automotive humanity, and general grotesqueness, and they even get a chance to win 3,000 bucks.

In this episode, there was a Saab 900 Turbo convertible in the competition. Saab owner is Bryan Mier, and his car is 1995 Saab 900 Turbo 2.0  what he calls “the Stripper Saab”. As he says, this is the car that’s been chosen,  because they are cheap to make really fast, and additionally – the whole car has cost him less then $2000. He is the most trusted in his turbo GT 28 at 16PSI. Since the car is completely stripped, it’s only 2,400 pounds.

S1:E1 Junkyard Turbos

With 13:116 (114,40mph) Byan and his Saab won in the first heat. However, in the final, because of poor start, Bryan made a worse result 13,377 (116,13).

3kHC fun isn’t just for cars, and on this episode they prove it with beat up trucks, hopped up vans, and even a down on its luck motorhome. In brief: Garbage cars + leftover turbos = big fun! On this episode of 3kHC, David Freiburger and Brian Lohnes hunt down the fastest Hoopties sporting whatever low buck turbo its owner could get their hands on. Revel in the ingenuity and the passion of real, low buck, grassroots racecars in the ultimate battle of budget boost!

We found the series very fresh, similar to when we first discovered Roadkill. F & L are very entertaining and have great chemistry.

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