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Saab 9-5ng

At the end of June, Macedonia was hit by a great hurricane. A freakishly violent rainstorm that Macedonia’s top weather ravaged Skopje and in various places  in macedonia, collapsing streets, inundating vehicles and drowning trapped motorists and homeowners, most of them caught by surprise.

Dozens of people found themselves stuck in their cars in the storm, and reached out for help through social networks saying water was pouring into their vehicles.

Damaged Saab 9-5ng

Among the damaged in the storm was this Saab 9-5 NG owner (Ivan Lepojevic)- the car was badly damaged in the bizzare  accident in Veles.  His beloved Saab 9-5ng is demaged after a huge tree smashed through the read window and roof during the storm.

Although it looks very bad on the images, thanks to the Saab car roof resistance, the damage was not so big and dangerous.

Saab 9-5ng damaged

According to the owner of the car Ivan car is in good condition only those parts he need. Pillars is not damaged, it strange but SAAB, doors function great:

1. Trunk or boot
2. Roof
3. Rear window
4. Windscreen
5. Light bar on the trunk

If you have these parts, you can contact the owner Ivan Lepojevic. Also this is a great ad for Saab safety, many cars would be crushed badly.

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