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The Smurfs Saab and a Boy’s Love for Cars

Lukaz and his Saab

You are probably wondering what connects the globally popular “Smurfs” and Saab cars? At first glance, all these phenomena have no points of contact, but one little boy from the Swedish town of Gävle tried to connect these two incompatible concepts.

For those who are not familiar with children’s favorite cartoon heroes, “Smurfs” are a small blue people who live in the forest and speak their own language. The appearance of each smurf is characterized by a white suit with white sneakers and a white cap.

Saab has always been close to the hearts of the entire Harjula family, including little Lucaz, who also loves Saab cars and is a big fan of Štrumpfs. So why not combine it into one unique concept – the Smurf Saab. On this occasion, the well-known Swedish automotive magazine “Bilsport” conducted an interview with little Lucaz in order to find out where such love for “little blue people” and Swedish “planes on four wheels” came from.

Lucaz remodeled this Saab according to his own taste
Lucaz remodeled this Saab according to his own taste

According to his statement to Bilsport magazine, He has managed to turn 13, but works full time with his Saab 9-3 Aero Coupé from 2002. To make things even more interesting, this is not the first car for little Lucaz that he started fixing according to his own taste, and his love for cars was passed on to him by his brother Rasmus.

A young car enthusiast

A young Swedish car enthusiast (and of course Smurfs) received the car from a friend in Stockholm at the end of summer 2021. At that time, the car had not been MOT since 2016, which means that it was quite neglected, with some rust and was generally dirty, but otherwise it was a perfectly good car. Lucaz is constantly learning about cars and has done a lot of it himself on his enthusiast Saab coupe.

Lucaz did a really great job on this car, from installing the so-called “starry sky” on the roof, sanded the whole car, removed the moldings, installed a new sound system, changed the rims and fixed all the problems detected at the MOT inspection.

The Smurfs Theme and a Little Boy

The special feature of the car’s appearance was contributed by the graphic installation on the body of the car with, of course, the Smurfs theme. It all started in his garage, without any particular intention, and then things went in a completely different direction.

It was not difficult for him to sand the entire car
Lucaz works on Saab: It was not difficult for him to sand the entire car

Also, in addition to the changes that Lucaz made to the interior and exterior of the vehicle, he plans to further improve the engine and increase the power from Saab.

Local artists have decorated His Saab graphically with Smurfs
Local artists have decorated His Saab graphically with Smurfs

However, at the age of 13, he does not yet have the legal requirements to pass a driving test for driving a car, but soon the possibility of obtaining a license to drive a tractor is looming. That’s where he got the idea to convert his brother’s Saab into a kind of tractor so that he could participate in public transport.

However, even though he cannot drive this car himself, he is very satisfied with what he has achieved because this automotive hobby has enabled him to learn anything and everything, and to solve the problems he encounters faster and more creatively. This enables him to somehow enter the engineering world at an early age.

Because of all this, we want him to learn even more about cars, and of course – to grow up quickly and get a license to drive cars.


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