Saab History

The Slide Car

Saab SLide car

Bertil Roos ought to know how to drive on slippery roads. Former Swedish racing driver Bertil Roos, teaches American drivers how to handle skids with the aid of a Saab 900 which he rebuilt whit a swivelling rear axle to simulate slippery road conditions.

He was the senior driving instructor for the Fred Opert racing school in Pennsylvania, USA near Pocono Raceway. A business that he later purchased. The school is accredited by the SCCA to be able to recommend graduates for race licenses at the regional and national levels.

In this race picture below – He runs special practise sessions at his Precision School for Advanced Driving at the Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania (1983):

SLidecar Saab 900

Most unique are the school’s Slide Car – stock Saab 900 with their rear suspensions modified to let the rear wheels steer outward whenever the fronts turn into a corner. The effect is like driving on glare ice, even at very low speeds, and Roos feels it’s better than a greasy skidpad for learning smoothness, concentration, skid control and what he calls Ocular Driving Tactics which  is, essentially, looking where you are trying to go.

According to Roos, the secret to driving on sleepery roads is to drive smoothly and carefully – and to think far ahead.

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