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The Saab Saved an Irresponsible Driver

Destroyed Saab 9-3

The Saab saved another irresponsible driver, who seemed to be driving at a high speed in a slippery road.

As reported by the Polish portal, a terrible traffic accident occurred during the previous night in the Polish city of Mielec. Out of initially unknown reasons the Saab slipped on a wet road hit a street lamp.

Crashed Saab

The Saab driver lost control and crashed into a street lamp, the witness said. The Silver Saab 9-3 broke into several pieces, which went tumbling down the street. It seemed impossible for anyone to survive the crash

Saab Driver survived


The driver was injured, but he survived a terrible accident. Firemen had to cut a Saab to get the driver out. Firefighters got him out, he was taken to a hospital in Mielec.

According to the first results of the investigation, the driver did not adjust his driving to bad weather conditions. It is the duty of the driver to know how to adjust his driving to meet conditions on the road he travels