The Saab Mapping Project

Saabs in row

Here’s one very interesting initiative by Jonathan Mauldin. In fact, it’s an interesting project of mapping Saab 9-5 NG and Saab 9-4X cars around the world (and then, other Saab models).

Jonathan works on a project to map out Saabs across the globe (or as much as possible). While there are different registries for individual models, there isn’t a good visual representation of where we all are.

Its a pretty simple process; just fill out the form below and it populates your responses into a google sheet. Author of project then use that Google Sheet to populate the map.

Unfortunately, Google Maps isn’t advanced enough to both populate the spreadsheet and populate the map in real time, so he is batch processing the map. Your Saab car should be listed on the map in less than a day after completing the form.

Saab 9-5NG

Here are the links to the 9-5NG and 9-4X forms and map. Jonathan has piloted this with a few 9-4X owners and didn’t run into any issues, but he is slowly expanding to all models so he don’t face any major bugs at once. As always, he is open to any suggestions/feedback as well.

His goal is to roll it out to the ’08-’11 9-3II next, and possibly the 9-7X after. Each model will have a separate layer and would be color coded. Thanks everyone!

Forms –  enter your car on the map



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