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The SAAB Cabrio Challenge 2020 via Austria to Croatia

Plans for the 2020 Saab Cabrio Challenge are taking shape and this might be an event for convertible owners to pencil in to their calendar. Whilst there are some tasks to complete along the way, the event is not so much a ‘challenge’ but an experience, and should provide for some inspirational driving for Saab convertible owners who are making their way to Austria-Croatia in June.

After the successful edition 2019 in Sweden, the Saab Cabrio Challenge is going a different way this year. After last year’s beautiful gravel roads, it will now become beautiful mountain roads with breathtaking views.

Saab Cabrio Challenge 2019
Saab Cabrio Challenge 2019

The start of the Saab Cabrio Challenge is in Austria on Wednesday afternoon 17 June. Through swinging roads through the mountains in South Austria and the unique nature in Slovenia (with the oldest natural parks of Europe), course is set for Croatia with its beautiful beaches and medieval towns.

Two days of Saab Convertibles, how about that? Everyone who owns or drives a Saab Convertible is welcome to participate.

Saab cabrios Sweden
Saab Cabrio Challenge in Sweden

The Organizers have already received many registrations from loyal participants and from new participants. They look forward to the unique nature and fine climate from 17 to 20 June this year.

More information?

To sign up send an e-mail containing name, e-mail address, phone number and car modle as well as the number of participants per car to
Or register directly via the main website main:

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