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The SAAB Artwork: “How I put a SAAB 9-3 into Cranbrook Art Museum”

Saab 9-3 decomposed into constituent partsSaab 9-3 decomposed into constituent parts

Architect Farid Rakun Studied architecture at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia. He is an artist, writer, editor, teacher and instigator based in Jakarta. Trained as an architect, he currently serves as editor and researcher for the artists’ initiative ruangrupa, while teaching full-time at the University of Indonesia.

In one of his artistic projects starring the Saab 9-3! Like is other projects done during his time in Cranbrook Academy of Art, Dept of Architecture, this Saab art project is deliberately self-explanatory.

...making the car not suitable to be called a car anymore in the end—but is it still a SAAB?
…making the car not suitable to be called a car anymore in the end—but is it still a SAAB?

Between March 19 – April 18 2013, a whole Saab 9-3 was dismantled into elements small enough to enter  the Cranbrook Art Museum. The result of documenting the whole operation gave birth to an Online-Only video piece:

And another interesting video made to accompany his ‘How I bring a SAAB 9-3 into Cranbrook Art Museum’ piece, shown during the 2013 Graduate Degree Exhibition of Cranbrook Academy of Art, in Cranbrook Art Museum, April 20-May 12, 2013 Created using Soundrop iPad app by Max Weisel (Develoe LLC):

For this work, Farid Rakun received 2013 year’s Academy Director’s Award: “Through digital fabrication and thinking, Rakun’s work questions the role of individual authorship. The Director’s award recognizes excellence throughout two years of study at the Academy.

Work in progress:

Layout Plan of Saab 9-3 elements:

Do you realize that SAAB is the car of choice for most architects?

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