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The RetroSaab by Carl Fredrik HoltermannThe RetroSaab by Carl Fredrik Holtermann

About 10 years ago, During the New York car show, Victor Muller took the opportunity to substantiate rumors of an “upcoming Saab 9-2, or 92”, which he wants it to be called. At that time, The magazine “Motor Trend” got a chat with Muller where he revealed how important a small Saab is and then preferably a retro interpretation with lines from the 92 and 93 models.

On his mobile phone, Muller had pictures of what such a Saab could look like. He showed the pictures to the newspaper’s reporter who was impressed. The car is said to have features of both the Saab 92 from the 1949 and the later model 96. – “The 92 is definitely a car that is missing from Saab’s portfolio. And this is what we want to get on the market, very soon“, Muller told then Motor Trend.

The Rally Saab 92 by Carl Fredrik Holtermann
The Rally Saab 92 by Carl Fredrik Holtermann

One of swedish newspaper Aftonbladet readers, Carl Fredrik Holtermann, took the rumor seriously and sat up half the night and sketched on a new Retrosaab. Carl Fredrik Holtermann is a Swedish screenwriter, writer, illustrator and artist with a particular interest in complex relationships, dark comedy, dramedy and romcoms. Here is what he then stated: “Here is my suggestion on retro-Saab (submitted it to Aftonbladet – it spread to blogs and on FB – people seem to like it! :-). I also did a rally Saab. I believe in a retro model as a side project in SAAB’s model program! There are many who want cars to look like cars, many who want cult cars, retro cars, stylish cars, small cute cars, urban cars – of course with eco-friendly engines and fuels ...”

What do you think of the result?

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