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The Red Beauty: Saab 900 Classic Turbo 1989

Classic Saab 900 Turbo Convertible

Pascal Vastré is a very good photographer and videographer living in the Netherlands. In addition to photography, he likes classic cars as well, which can be seen in several of his videos and a lot of photos. The Saab 900 Convertible is a car that is special to him for a few reasons.

It’s thrilling to see that Saab COnvertible has carried on the spirit and the true core of what the Saab is – a light, balanced, no frills roadster.  A drone equipped with an HD camera is going to be a great novelty to existing filming arsenal.  Pascal  has just proven this in his film. There is a wide range of Drone models on the market, so you should find out what is the best drone for filming. No matter what, on the equipment they have, some still fail to achieve good results.

Pacal showed how to use the equipment, DJI Phantom 4/DJI Osmo X3:

Thank you again, Pascal , for the Classci Saab memories you captured and so vividly brought to life on.