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The Quest for The Viggens!

Saab Viggens

The SAAB Tuning Club Hungary has published a very interesting post in which it announces the quest for the rare Viggen models in Hungary.

According to the official vehicle register in Hungary, there are 16 Saab 9-3 Viggens in the country. Six owners of this rare model are members of the Saab Tuning club Hungary, but the other 10 owners are not known and are not members of the club.

The plan is to hold the largest club gathering of Viggen vehicles, where absolutely all owners of this rare model would be present.

The club is looking for these vehicles and their owners:

  • 3 Yellow Viggens, of which 2 are probably in Budapest II. It’s registered to the district, one in Pécs.
  • 3 Blue Viggens, of which 1 is in Budapest XVI.
  • 3 Black Viggen, of wich one is in Budapest XII.
  • 1 Unknown Color Viggen

If you are the one who read the owner of one of the requested vehicles or you know one of the owners of the requested vehicle – please contact the management of the club.

The members of the club will be very happy to find these vehicles, and they will be able to organize their gathering at Aeropark near Budapest (Sunday, May 19, 2019). They are waiting for a great photo and special program together with the 16 Viggens in the country!

For more information contact Robert:

[email protected]