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The preparations for the Saab Car Museum Festival 2019 continue

Saab Car Festival 2019

The theme for the Saab Car Museum Festival June 7-9 2019 will be Saab Design! The festival is getting closer and closer, and The preparations for the festival continue. We are well on the way to decide which products we will bring with us for sale. Orio is one of the main sponsors of the festival and is preparing for participation in the festival.

They will bring their Saab Original oil with them, with a festival price you never seen before. Also they will bring the Aerial Telephone Navigation system Saab 9-3 (2003-), 9-5 (-2010), with them. For those of you who own a Saab 9000, for you Orio have succeeded in getting out, just right for the festival a Drive gear.

You will also find some new exclusive rugs for Saab 9-3. Orio will have a few Saab Turbo X – Steering Wheel. So, if you come to the festival, don’t forget to visit Saab Original, because they have lots of offers and very much are under half the price.

Saab Original parts

If you have a wish for a product you want them to take to the festival, please write a comment to Orio, and they promise to look at the possibilities of expanding our already large festival offer. Their technicians from Saab Original and some Saab Service Center will be with them, and they will answer your questions you have regarding your Saab, Orio will also have volunteer staff from the Saab Car Museum who cover up for questions about very old Saab cars.

So, don’t miss the Saab Original tent when you come to Trollhättan on June 7-9. Once again, welcome to Trollhattan and


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