Saabs from around the World

The Perfect Car Guy Daily Driver

Trevor Jameson,  from popular YouTube channel MotionAutoTv, presented this week a last video from his Saab series on the improvement of  the Saab cars. In the last episode, he focused on final painting and polishing, bumper panel mounting and a new front Griffin bumper.

After all his treatment, the Saab 9-3 Sportcombi looks refreshed and great. Also, he has made one notable sentence for someone who is not a true fan of the Saab cars –  he stated – “A lot of people you guys are also probably wondering like Why Saab, why do you like these things so much? So just imagine a Turbo, V6 that makes like 250 hp  and like 280 foot pounds of torque stock with a 6-speed manual transmission with a the coolest things I like about it. So it has a BOSE stereo system in it and the it also has a factory Bose sub-woofer that fits underneath the trunk. So it has a factory subwoofer, it has like ten speakers in it.”

Then he adds this: “So I mean sound system and it sounds really good. I mean they have decent size brakes, it’s god HIDs, headlights that turn with the road… I mean it’s a cool little car. I don’t know, I definitely think they’re pretty interesting anybody. I know a lot of Saab guys are actually kind of watching my channel, so pretty much anybody who’s ever driven the Saab knows ... I feel like the perfect car guy daily because they’re quick, they look decent, you know – parts and everything or more easy to get and you could buy parts cars for cheap… 

That Saab wagon turned out awesome, Just look at it: