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The Old Girl Saab 900: Roadtrip to Trollhattan

Saab 900 old girl

The Old Girl is a very unique and relatively famous 1984 Saab 900 Turbo 2 litre 8 valve APC, left hand drive and was a one-off custom build by Saab. And Also, this is one great Saab story about real Saab girl Kirsty Farnfield and her father.

After many adventures with this car owned by her family for over 30 years, The Old Girl Saab 900 is preparing for a new adventure: Roadtrip to Trollhattan.

In a couple of weeks they will be setting off on their roadtrip to Trollhattan. They will update regularly on their FB page and on instagram, as well as Glympse so you can see where they travel. Keep your eyes Saab fans peeled to spot them passing through.

The Old Girl is very distcinctive and there is not another Saab out there who looks quite like she does, so if you *think* you saw them, then you saw them. They are happy to meet up with other Aaab fans on their route, although mostly this may be at motorway service stations when they stop for fuel, bathroom and snacks.

But if you are visiting Legoland Billund, Ikea Museum Almhult, Saab Museum Trollhattan, Air museum Gothenburg, or miniatur wunderland in Hamburg, then maybe you can meet them there. Kirsty will upload the dates when they will be visiting these places later on.

Saab team will also be staying over in:
Meerbusch, Germany
Billund, Denmark
Almhult, Sweden
Trollhattan, Sweden
Gothenburg, Sweden
Malmo, Sweden
Hamburg, Germany

Then finally, they are not sure where they will be staying in the Netherlands on the way home as they have some friends they would like to visit if they are free on those days, but at the moment there is a possibility they will either stay their last night near Cuijk or Maastricht. If anyone in these places would like to have a little evening Saab meet up, let her know.

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