SAAB Tuning

The Monster: Twin B234 Engine SAAB 9000!

Saab 9000 with 2 engines

And now for something completely different (with a nod to John Cleese)… A Saab 9000 powered by twin B234’s. Such a tuning has not been seen yet, the only similar “thing” we can remember is a super-boat with two Saab engines. In the Vator boat there were also two same engines B234 just like in this super-modified Saab 9000.

Building up a more powerful 2.3 litre 4 cylinder turbo engine is an alluring thought. But, but why not replace two engines instead of just one powerful engine.

Such a incredible Saab 9000 with two B234 engine, probably a big project and hard work, we don’t know how he tuned his car and how fast is? however sounding crazy, it is not. and according to the words of the eyewitnesses , it’s AWD – with Great grip even on low gears.

"Rear" B234 engine in Saab 9000

Such setup of two B234 allows around 600 hp 900nm when he drives on full boost. This is an incredible project,  this car has one B234 engine in the right place – under the hood, and the other B234 engine is in the cabin – practically in the rear seat position. The boot space is reserved for additional fuel tanks because since it has two powerful engines this car is very “thirsty”.

Saab 9000

The front of the cabin is intact, there were no changes, and there can still be comfortably accommodated driver and front passenger.

Second B234 egine in Saab 9000