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Saab 9-3 aero TTiD

Compulsory annual car insurance rates vary from country to country, but are certainly a major financial levy for vehicle owners. Depending on the country, the price of a vehicle insurance depends on many factors, such as the value of the vehicle, the emissions of the vehicle, the start of the vehicle, the experience of the driver, the specific region in which the vehicle is insured, and many other factors.

Of course, Car owners realize that owning a vehicle can be expensive, but there are a huge number of absurdities in this area. For example, the average insurance price in Germany is about 1400 euros, while in the USA it is about $1500, also the USA besides the UK are among the countries with the highest insurance premiums, and in the USA in particular, the average premium varies from country to country from $800 to as much as $ 2600 in Michigan.

This can be a large expense, especially for car owners who live in certain areas. Vehicle insurance in the UK is in many ways specific and expensive, and even discriminatory, where for example younger drivers and women have to pay a lot more insurance premiums, and for the regions – residents of London, Manchester and Liverpool have to pay a lot more insurance premiums relative to all other UK residents.

London Saab 9-3 Aero

We have just one such example now in London, where one owner of a beautiful 2010 Saab 9-3 Aero TTiD is forced to sell a car because he lives in London. The reason for the sale is a huge annual insurance premium of a whopping £ 2,000, or $ 2,560!

As the car owner Qaiyum Hoque says, he has just turned 22 living in London with the hope that his insurance will go down a bit but he’s getting quotes of around £2k or thereabouts which is honestly too much atm. He has  owned the car for just over a year and put about 10,000 miles on it. He listed it on AutoTrader around a month ago but after getting checking quotes he has decided to genuinely try sell it. Key details are as follows:

– 145k Miles
– 2 Previous Owners (he is the third)
– Timing Belt and Water Pump done around 141k
– 4 New Tyres put on just over 6k miles ago (GoodYear Efficient Grip)
– Only used Shell V Power
– Full Service History
– 6 Speed Manual
– All the usual Aero gimmicks i.e. heated leather, cruise control, 18″ alloys, sports suspension etc.

Saab TTiD engine

Location of car is Pinner, North West London. Looking for around £3,495 but open to sensible offers.

As you can see, insurance is an absolute joke in London area – the price of a used car in excellent condition is just slightly higher than the amount of the annual insurance premium?! A real shame great looking car, but if a car is bought by someone who is out of London, and there are no aggravating circumstances, they may have better luck with car insurance.

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