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Only Saab UK

Only Saabs UK is a non profit group run by volunteers that try their hardest to create the perfect environment for Saab owners to enjoy Saab events. In this group, Weather you have a daily drive, weekend runner, work horse, tow vehicle, tuned, pride and joy, vintage or concourse every Saab is welcome.

This group regularly holds rallies and everyone is invited. All of their meets are family friendly, carefully chosen to provide food, toilet facilities and as much as possible play areas for the young children, (some venues it’s not possible).

Their next gathering is on the 15th of July in Grafham Water, Marlow Park, PE28 0BH Huntingdon.  Meet up for all those who love Saabs with an excellent backdrop of Grafham Water for some great photo opportunities. Food, toilets, picnic tables and a childrens play area are all on site, Along with a few bbq’s on site.

Just bring your own food, maybe a little charcoal etc. but please be aware that although this is a free event you may also need some change for parking. So weather you love modding, polishing or just have a daily drive, it doesn’t matter. Turn up and enjoy yourselves. Family and Dog friendly as always.

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