Saab History

The Golden Voice of Prague

Karel Gott

The Czech famous pop singer Karel Gottworld known as “the Golden Voice of Prague“, is passed away. He died in Prague just before midnight on October 1 at the age of 80, as the Czech news agency CTK reported, citing his spokeswoman on Wednesday.

Karel Gott has been dealing with death for a long time. His wife Ivana Gottová said goodbye emotionally to her husband: “With the deepest grief in my heart I announce that my beloved husband Karel Gott left us yesterday shortly before midnight after a serious and long illness.”

Karel Goot and his Saab 96
Jiri Staidl, one of Karel Gott’s friends and collaborators, a photo of Karel Gott with his Saab

What’s interesting, Only few people know that in the past he owned SAAB 96, one of the first four cars sold in Czechoslovakia in the second half of the 1960s. He loved his parents, gave his mother, for example, his little Fiat 600, a blue color, and bought a white Saab 96 for himself.

Karel Gott And Saab 96

At that time, Unlike other Western car brands, Saab was a relatively widespread brand on the roads of socialist Czechoslovakia. The cars cost twice as much as other cars, but on the other hand they could be bought almost without waiting. Even because of the price they could afford only good earning people, often popular singers and artists. They were sold through the “Tuzex” company, and it was also possible to buy them in “Mototechna”. One of them was bought by Karel Gott. Moreover, his car was the fourth in a row imported from Sweden to Czechoslovakia. So one Saab 96 came to the minister of commerce, another one came to the nationalised auto works, another one got the famous singer Karel Gott and of course one got Zdenek Treybal.

Karel and a few other popular figures from that era were great promoters of Saab. Saab came to the former Czechoslovakia, with the help of “unpaid advertising” by important figures of social life, whether it was eg. Mr. Karel Gott, or Slovak hockey legend Mr. Jozef Golonka. In that time, If we compare the possibilities of competition, it can be said that Saab is not lagging behind anything, rather the contrary. Technically, cars are very well equipped, using the latest technical advances, even the knowledge of their designers.